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Need a uke player for a wedding, birthday or other event? Have uke, will travel!


Charleston, South Carolina
Avid Ukulele Player and teacher, member of the V-Tones of Charleston, the Amazing Mittens, Lime and the Coconuts, 'Tucky, and She Goes He Goes.

Great opportunity to learn some music!

Hey Strummers!
  My good buddy JIM DEVILLE, is presenting a can't-miss workshop! This is the stuff that'll help you get to the next level of musicianship. Jim has been travelling all around the world teaching his workshops and helping ukesters everywhere. The workshops are appropriate for folks 10 years and older. Come on out and learn something! Bring your ukulele! I recommend it.
-your local neighborhood Noodle

Jim Deville Ukulele Workshops
Hungry Monks Music School
1948 Belgrade street
Sunday, December 7th
#1-Learning to Listen
#2-Circle of Fifths
$20 for one workshop or $35 for both

A post with YOST

Warm up with the irascible V-Tones TONIGHT, Wednesday, November 19th at Prohibition, downtown Charleston on King street! There'll be a free Swing/Lindyhop dance lesson at 7pm, followed by music from The V-Tones of Charleston from 8-11pm. I've asked Roger Bellow to bring his 20s style Stroh Violin to the show! Be there---oh, and it's free!

On Saturday, November 22nd, I'll be out in the open air with YOST, at the Johns Island Farmers' Market---that's just past the library, but across the street on Maybank Highway. The market and music runs from 9am-1pm. YOST is an exciting local band composed of youngsters. I'm quite thrilled to be playing some tunes with them and  to hear what they've got to express. YES!

Shows shows shows

There are so many chances to catch some live music these days, and the music scene is really bubbling along! Saturday, November 15th, Jeff Arnold and I will be representing the V-Tones at the John's Island Farmers' Market out on Maybank Highway. We'll be warming up the crowd from 9am-1pm---V for veggies!

  Then Saturday night The lovely and talented Mrs. Eden Fonvielle and I will be be getting warm and cozy at the downtown winebar, O'Hara and Flynn's! That's from 8-11pm.

 On Sunday, I'll be back on stage with She Goes He Goes for the Sunday night Swing dance---free lesson at 6pm, live music from 7-10pm.
Thanks for all the support folks! 'Preciate Cha!


Sunday, November 30th, V-Tones at Prohibition, free dance lesson at 6pm, live music 7-10pm//

Tuesday, December 2nd, The Amazing Mittens at Ladies' Christmas Banquet, Aldersgate Untied Methodist Church, 6:15pm, private//
Saturday, December 6th, Noodle etc at John's Island farmers' Market, 9am-1pm, free//
Saturday, December 6th, V-Tones at John's Island farmer's market Holiday Bazaar and Fal festival, 2-6pm, free//
Saturday, December 6th, The Amazing Mittens at O'Hara and Flynn's , 8-11pm, free//
Sunday, December 7th, please come to Jim Deville's ukulele workshop at Hungry Monks Music School (1948 Belgrade), 1pm, $20/workshop or both for $35, more info tba//
Wednesday, Dec. 10th V-Tones at Prohibition for the dance, music 8-11pm, free//
Friday, December 12th, The Amazing Mittens at Savannah Place, 2pm, private//
Saturday, December 13th, Noodle + friends at the Johns Island Farmers' Market, 9-1pm, free//
Saturday, December 13th, V-Tones at Christmas party, private//
Monday, December 15th, The Amazing Mittens at Agape senior center, 3pm//
Tuesday, November 16th, V-Tones on TV! Lowcountry Live Channel 4), more info tba//
Friday, December 15th, The Amazing Mittens at Savannah Grace, 3pm, private//
Wednesday, December 17th, The Amazing Mittens at Bishop Gadsden for the Living Room Concert, 4pm, private//
Saturday, December 20th, The V-Tones 10th Annual Holiday Extravaganza, 3pm, public library, Main Branch, downtown Charleston, SC, free//
Saturday, December 20th, V-Tones trio for private party, 7:30-10:30pm//
Sunday, Dec. 21st V-Tones at Prohibition for the dance, music 8-11pm, free//

Friday, January 16th, V-Tones for Youth Marathon, 2:30-4:30pm, more info tba//
Wednesday, March 4th, The V-Tones of Charleston play some traditional Jazz to open the Charleston food +wine festival, Marion Sqaure, Baker tent, 7:30-10pm more tba//
Saturday, March 7th, more V-Tones for the Food + Wine Festival, Main stage, Marion Square, 2:15-3:15, more tba//
Friday-Sunday March 15th, Zephyr's Whole Grain Circus Reunion, Bay Area, California//
Monday, May 11th, V-tones for school assembly--Jazz and Swing era, private//