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Need a uke player for a wedding, birthday or other event? Have uke, will travel!


Charleston, South Carolina
Avid Ukulele Player and teacher, member of the V-Tones of Charleston, the Amazing Mittens, Lime and the Coconuts, 'Tucky, and She Goes He Goes.

All V-TONES, All the TIME!

Howdy Friends!
  The V-Tones of Charleston will be playing at Prohibition every Wednesday in January! WOWZA! Stephen Duane offers a free Swing/LindyHop dance lesson at 7ish, then the 'Tones start up at 8 and continue until 11pm! Though it is couple dancing (or social dancing), you don't have to bring a partner to attend, nor do you have to be particularly 'good' at dancing! It is fun, and if my clumsy, befuddled self can do it, then anybody can! Come on down---did I mention it's free? Good food and drinks, too!

Happy Noodle Year

Whew! What a fantastic year 2014 has been---and 2015 is looking good, too! Thanks for all of the support and encouragement. In the face of a gloomy, self-destructive world, music and community are my greatest defense and my greatest source of hope. Thank you all! 
  Have you got plans for New Year's Eve? I'm playing with She Goes He Goes at good ol' O'Hara and Flynn's winebar.  We'll be there on Wednesday, and playing from 9 'til midnight. It's a cozy, some say romantic spot, that's down on Meeting street, in the roaring heart of Charleston. If you are out and about downtown, and need a free spot, come on down! We'll be having a party and hope you'll join us!

Big Jim Allen at the Jack of Cups!

Big Jim Allen, a fabulous ukulele player from Florida, will be joining me at the Jack of Cups on Friday, December 26th for some get-out-of-the-house entertainment! The Jack of Cups Saloon is on the main street on Folly Beach, they've got great food and a fun bar decorated with Tarot cards--wild! It's always fun to jam with Jim, we'd be delighted to some familiar faces out there! 7:30-9:30pm, no cover...


Pirate Noodle

Pirate Noodle
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Wednesday, January 28th, Hot-Tones play Swing Dance at Prohibition, 7pm-dance lesson, 8pm- live music, free!//
Saturday, Jan. 31st, Noodle and friends at John's Island farmers' market, 10am-2pm, free//
Saturday, Jan. 31st, Noodle and friends at O'Hara and Flynn's wineshop, 8-11pm, free//

Friday, Feb. 6th, She Goes He Goes at Seanachai, 8-11pm, free//
Wednesday, Feb. 11th, V-tones at Prohibition for Swing dance---free lesson at 7pm, live music 8-11pm//
Thursday, Feb. 12th, V-tones trio at Andell Inn, Freshfields, Kiawah Island, 5-8pm, free!//
Saturday, Feb. 14th, The Amazing Mittens at O'Hara and Flynn's wineshop, Valentine's Day! 8-11pm, free//
Wednesday, Feb.25th, Hot-Tones at Prohibition---free dance lessona t 7pm, live music 8-11pm//

Saturday, February 21st, at the John's Island Farmers' Market, 10am-2pm, free//
Friday, February 27th, Noodle for Respite Care, 1pm, private

Sunday, March 1st, Lime and the Coconuts play for the Sierra Club Oyster Roast, Bowen's Island, 2-5pm, more info tba//
Wednesday, March 4th, The V-Tones of Charleston play some traditional Jazz to open the Charleston food +wine festival, Marion Square, Baker tent, 7:30-10pm more tba//
Saturday, March 7th, more V-Tones for the Food + Wine Festival, Main stage, Marion Square, 2:15-3:15, more tba//
Saturday, March 7th, The Amazing Mittens at O'Hara and Flynn's wineshop, 8-11pm, free//
Friday-Sunday March 15th, Zephyr's Whole Grain Circus Reunion, Bay Area, California//
Friday, March 27th, Noodle at Respite Care, 1pm, private//

Saturday, May 9th, V-Tones for private birthday party--you know who you are!//
Monday, May 11th, V-tones for school assembly--Jazz and Swing era, private//
Sunday, May 17th, The V-Tones of Charleston trio at Pawley's Island Tavern, 7:30-10:30ish, free//

Friday, June 5th, V-Tones trio for wedding (Lauren and Jayson), 5pm, private//
Saturday, June 21st, V-Tones for the Orange Spot's 2nd Anniversary party, more info tba//

Saturday, July 11th, solo Ukulele for Folly Beach wedding, 7pm, private//

Saturday, October 17th, V-Tones at Georgetown wooden boats show, more info tba//